something for everyone

Benefit to the Community

A new centre is an investment in our people:

  • We are building a healthy community for people of every age and ability.
  • We are promoting active lifestyles and building strong minds and fit bodies.
  • We are an inclusive community encouraging people to come together.
  • We are families who support our children in learning new skills and making new friends.
  • We are a place for teenagers to engage in healthy competition while working part time and learning how to contribute to the community.
  • We are a rehabilitation centre where seniors can strengthen their bodies, ease their joints and where athletes can recover from sports injuries.

Building a new centre is part of building a strong economy. It makes it easier to attract new businesses, residents and much needed professionals. It supports the local tourism industry. It improves property values. It is a smart investment in our community.


The Benefit to Your Company

Supporting Kirkland Lake’s new aquatic centre is an investment in your company’s future:

  • It is a powerful recruitment and retention tool. Quality of life considerations factor heavily in a prospective employee’s decision to relocate or to make a long term commitment to an employer. People want to know that a new community offers the amenities and services they demand. Access to progressive recreational facilities is consistently ranked as among the most important non-monetary determinants in the decision making matrix.
  • It’s good employee relations. The fitness and recreational opportunities the aquatic centre provides will help reduce the incidence and severity of illness and disability in the community. That means increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, lower staff turnover and reduced “on the job” accidents.
  • The aquatic centre is an economic generator in its own right. It creates jobs, supports secondary industries like tourism and helps the town attract new businesses and services. That means a stronger economic environment, and a more confident future for your company.
  • Your support can help your bottom line. Cash donations to the municipality are eligible for a tax deduction.

It’s good community relations. Kirkland Laker’s have confidence in your company and its future. Supporting the aquatic centre is a tangible expression of your confidence in Kirkland Lake and its future.